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Tray’s Paper Airplane Almanac

Tray’s Paper Airplane Almanac

Today I want to talk about a free gift I am planning on offering to anyone who backs the Fling on Kickstarter, my paper airplane Almanac. The hardest part of making paper airplanes is knowing how to fold great paper airplanes. There are lots of books online you can buy but I wanted to give our backers a better, less expensive solution. That is why I am putting together a small almanac of printable instructions and some awesome colorful patterns of my favorite paper airplanes.


I plan on featuring about 6 different paper airplane designs each one with a detailed instruction page, and a few fun printable designs to give your paper plane some pizzazz. Every design will be made so you can print them off at home, and look great in both color and gray scale. That way you can make as many as you wish. That way your fun will never end.


When you back the Fling on our upcoming Kickstarter you will get the Almanac as a digital download when we ship. I currently have one set of instructions along with about 4 or 5 different patterns for it. Below you can download a sample instruction sheet and pattern page.


Sample Almanac


Traditionally paper airplane instructions only show fold lines and the order to fold them. However in my experience I have found that can still be confusing to some younger children. In order to solve that I have added markings that show where certain corners go. I wasn’t able to do this with every corner but I was able to do it to the first few.


Download our sample PDF and let me know your thoughts on how easy they are to print and whether or not you like the corner markers.

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