Fiber Glider DIY Kit

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An innovative model airplane using real aircraft grade carbon fiber, with a gravity defying stand. In short a modernized balsa-glider. The Fiber Glider can be launched with an included rubber band launcher, and flies up to 90 ft!

You’ll receive all the parts needed to make ONE (1) FIBER GLIDER:
– (1) Fuselage
– (1) Wing
– (1) Tail
– (1) Set of Ballast Parts
– (2) Rubber Band Launchers
– (5) Rubber Bands

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The Fiber Glider is made out of Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber for the fuselage wing and tail. Carbon Fiber is not only stronger than the balsa-wood and plastic used in other model airplanes, but is also light and flexible.

Because Carbon Fiber is flexible, when it is bent it is able to snap back where other materials like balsa-wood and plastic break.

The location of a glider’s CG or Center of Gravity significantly influences the flight characteristics of the aircraft. While the glider is in flight there are three forces acting on it: Lift, Drag, and Gravity. The force of lift acts at the wings Center of Pressure and gravity acts on the gliders CG. When the CG is in front of the Center of Pressure the glider will fly flatter, when the CG is behind the Center of Pressure the glider will pitch up. The position of the CG can be changed moving the ballast thus changing the glider’s flight characteristics.

The purpose of a stand for any model airplane is to create the illusion that the model is still flying, even though it is stationary. Instead of using a support in the center of the aircraft, our stand attaches to the model’s horizontal stabilizer by two crescent shaped swooshes.

The stand disappears when viewed from the proper angles, leaving a plane hovering in the air.

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Weight .9 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 2 × .1 in


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