Ridgecrest, CA

Production is Underway!

Production is Underway!

Hey Backers!

I am happy to announce that we have officially started production! Here is how our current supply chain works.

Brass: All of the brass on the airplane including the ballast, threaded rod, and cap nuts are being manufactured by a company overseas in China, who specialize in producing fasteners.

Stand: The Zero-G stand has also started production in an overseas manufacturer. I received few pictures of the first prototypes. Take a look:

Carbon Fiber Air Frame:  All of the Carbon Fiber is being manufactured here in the USA by Citius Composites in Rexburg, Idaho. We will be working on the prototype carbon fiber plate used to make the plane this weekend.

I’ll keep you posted with updates as they come! Thanks again for your support and keep spreading the word.


Tray S.

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