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Check out our latest invention! A simply and easy way to launch a paper airplane with a rubber band.
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Fiber Glider

An innovative model airplane using real aircraft grade carbon fiber – In short, a modernized balsa-glider.
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Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber

The Fiber Glider is made out of Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber for the fuselage wing and tail. Carbon Fiber is not only stronger than the balsa-wood and plastic used in other model airplanes, but is also light and flexible.


The position of the CG can be changed moving the ballast changing the glider’s flight characteristics.

Where we started:

Funded on

An idea was formed from a love of airplanes. Out of this idea came a concept, and eventually a design. Prototyping, and a few experiments later, Fiber Glider was born. A modern version of a balsa wood glider, Fiber Glider raised over $5,000 on Kickstarter. It’s not too late to get a plane for yourself. Order now on our store!

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The Basics

Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber

Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber makes the Fiber Glider light, strong, and flexible.

Impact Tough

Carbon Fiber is 100 times stronger than balsa wood or plastic.

Eye Catching

The Fiber Glider’s double sided gloss finish looks and feels amazing.


Teach your kids About the Center of Gravity

By spinning the brass ballast, the Fiber Glider Center of Gravity and be Adjusted.


Want the try for a loop? Move the weight to the back, this will cause the plane to tend to fly up, and with practice, do a loop.


Want the try for a Distance? Move the weight to the front, this will help the glider fly flat and far.

GC Effects

Stand Out and Show Off


Trick the eye into seeing a stationary flying airplane.


Built out of crystal clear acrylic, the stand practically disappears to the casual eye.


The Zero-G Stand’s base is the silhouette of an aircraft, blending into the surface as if it was a shadow.

Meet the Fiber Glider Team



Mechanical Engineer

Tray is the creator of the Fiber Glider. His love of Aviation led him to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He lives with his wife and family in Utah, where he loves to get out in his Jeep and crawl over anything he can find.




Baylie is the editor of Fiber Glider. As wife to Tray, she helps to review the business with him, and catch any misspelled words. Tray and Baylie also have a small son that loves to help mom and dad with the planes.


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What they say

This is a great kit! I constructed a small jig to help keep everything straight, level, and square. Once the epoxy dries tomorrow I'll be taking the kids out for the maiden flight. They have done a beautiful job, I have not flown this yet and I'm already satisfied with the build challenge and looks of this kit.


This thing is sweet!

Jeff Backer

Great job! I'm impressed with the quality and it looks freaking awesome!

Eduardo AlvarezBacker


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