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Wow! Zero to Funded in only 24 Hours!

Wow! Zero to Funded in only 24 Hours!

Hello Backers!

We did it! I was super excited to wake up to an email from Kickstarter letting me know we have met our funding goal! Thanks to your help we have gone from Zero to Funded in less than 24 hours! That is truly amazing. Thank you for your support.

Lets not stop here, lets go after some stretch goals:

Stretch Goal 1 – $5,000 USD

  • Extra Rubber Band Launcher: Every Fiber Glider will come with two (2) rubber band launchers, One for you and one for your friend, spouse, kid, or roommate. That way you can play Fiber Glider Catch!
  • Instructional Assembly Video: Say goodbye to those old school instruction pamphlets and hello to YouTube. I will make a video and post it to YouTube showing how to put the Fiber Glider DIY Kit together. What glue/epoxy to use, how to get the wing perfectly straight and etc.

Stretch Goal 2 – $7,500 USD

  • Carbon Fiber Rubber Band Launcher Upgrade: All Rubber Band Launchers will be built with Carbon Fiber and not Acrylic. No extra cost to you!

Stretch Goal 3 – $10,000 USD

  • Colored Carbon Fiber: There are some really cool “hybrid” carbon fiber fabrics that are available that I can make the Fiber Glider out of. With this stretch goal unlocked you will be able to select what color you will want at the end of the campaign when I collect addresses and finish orders. Personally I like Blue and Orange.
  • Let me know your preferred color in this survey:
  • The top two colors will be offered in addition to the all Black Option. An example of blue hybrid carbon fiber is shown below.

It will be a couple of days before I make the changes to our page to show the stretch goals. If you have any ideas for stretch goals send me a message, post a comment or let me know in the survey.

Thank you so much for your support, we couldn’t do this without you!

Tray S.

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