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This guy can turn a single piece of copy paper into hours of fun with your family! This easy to install Rubber Band Launch System catapults paper airplanes farther and faster than you ever though possible. Hold on, it gets even better; not only will this little contraption bring you hours of entertainment, but it costs less than a happy meal from McDonalds.



The Basics

Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber

Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber virtualy indestructable.

Impact Tough

Carbon Fiber is 100 times stronger than balsa wood or plastic.

Eye Catching

The Fiber Glider’s double sided gloss finish looks and feels amazing.

The Latest News

Tray’s Paper Airplane Almanac

Today I want to talk about a free gift I am planning on offering to anyone who backs the Fling on Kickstarter, my paper airplane ...

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Fling – Finding the Perfect Profile

I spent some time today and threw together some concepts for Fling Profiles. I have been inspired  by many aircraft in my life including the ...

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Introducing the Fling

I would like to introduce you to a new project, I call it the Fling. During the fulfillment of the Kickstarter we did for Fiber ...

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